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Wulai Taiche One-Way Train Ticket (Valid on weekdays and holidays)


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The Wulai Log Cart is the only remaining lightweight railway in Taiwan. When visiting Wulai, apart from exploring the Wulai Old Street, you can also hop on this unique trolley railway, which allows you to experience a nostalgic atmosphere.

  • It can be used immediately after the purchase is completed.

  • E-ticket

  • Valid period

    Starting Time ~ 2025/07/13

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  • Payment Method

    LINE Pay (Kindly remind that $30 off-line handing fee will be charged if request a refund 60 days after payment!) / 免費預訂 / Credit Card

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︱Wulai Log Cart One-way Ticket

The ticket is valid for one ride only. Passengers who wish to take a round trip will need to purchase two tickets.

Applicants as follows:

Type Fare Applicant

One-way full price


Individuals aged 13 and above, but below 65 years old.

One-way discounted


1.Children aged 7 and above but below 13.

2. Individuals aged 65 and above with identification documents.



1. Individuals with disabilities and one companion (with disability identification or certificate).

2. Children below 7 years old must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. Each ticket-holding adult can accompany up to two free-of-charge children. If there are more than two children, discounted tickets should be purchased.

Originally, the Wulai Log Cart was primarily used for transporting timber. However, in response to the increasing demand from tourists visiting the Wulai Waterfall for sightseeing, passenger services were officially introduced in 1963. Initially, the log carts were manually pushed by personnel to transport visitors. As the number of tourists grew, the log carts were mechanized in 1963, powered by diesel engines. In 1976, a tunnel was excavated at the Waterfall Station to replace the original turntable rotation system, overcoming various challenges. This operational route spans approximately 1.6 kilometers from Wulai Station to Waterfall Station, operating daily from 8 am to 5 pm. The operating hours may be adjusted during the peak season of summer to accommodate the needs of travelers, ensuring a convenient service. When visiting Wulai Old Street, the Wulai Log Cart is a must-visit attraction enjoyed by both adults and children.

▲ Source:Official website of Forestry and Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency (FANCA) , and the Taiwan Forest Recreation website.

| How to use electronic tickets:

1. This is an electronic ticket (QR Code) and a physical ticket will not be sent separately.
2. After completing the payment, please check your email to receive the "payment successful notification" email. You can use the QR code attached in the email for verification, or you can go to the website's "Member Center" → "My Orders" → "Paid" page → click "View" to access the QR Code for verification.
3. Present your electronic voucher (QR code) at the ticket verification counter of the attraction, and the staff will verify it before allowing entry.



︱Wulai Log Cart

  • Opening hours: 
    • January to June: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • July to August (summer): 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    • September to December: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Departures are subject to crowd conditions and may vary.
    • The first Tuesday of each month is maintenance day, and the log cart service is suspended.
  • Tel: 02-2661-7826


  • At the boarding point of Wulai Station or the boarding point of the Waterfall Station, present your QR code to the staff for verification and you can enter and board the trolley.
  • Location:

Wulai Log Cart Station Entrance

Wulai Log Cart Boarding Point

Waterfall Station Entrance Waterfall Station Boarding Point

  1. Payment must be completed within one hour of order placement. Orders will be automatically canceled if the payment deadline is exceeded.
  2. The system does not provide a modification function for orders. If you wish to change the number of people, you will need to cancel the ticket and place a new order.
  3. Once the ticket has been verified, it cannot be refunded.
  4. For unused products, please apply for a refund on this website.
  5. There is usually a higher crowd during the midday period for boarding the trolley. It is recommended to consider boarding before 11:00 AM or after 2:00 PM.
  6. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in the mountains, please make sure to confirm the following before departure:

※ For safety reasons, the park will follow the guidelines of "Suspension of Office and School Operations Due to Natural Disasters" as announced by the Yilan County Government. In addition, the park management, in coordination with the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency(FANCA), may decide to close the park or partially restrict access based on the actual operational conditions. Before your departure, please make sure to check the official website for any announcements or updates.


  • This ticket is limited to one entry per person, and can only be used once. Once the ticket is validated for entry, it cannot be reused.
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