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Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City together form a microcosm of Taiwan and are a gateway for travelers.

Here you will find bustling streets lined with tall modern buildings and attractions like the cultural treasure trove that is the world famous National Palace Museum. Visit places where the tracks of Taiwan’s early development can be traced, like Beitou, Dadaocheng, and Jinguashi. A short distance away from the city center are the enchanting mountains of Yangmingshan and the tea plantations of Maokong where you can easily get close to nature. Make a trip to the coast and visit beautiful Tamsui and the scenic Northeast Coast. Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City also have dozens of night markets with mouthwatering snack foods, old temples that attract a large number of worshippers and where the power of religion can be felt, creative and cultural markets where creativity explodes, superb-quality restaurants and shopping opportunities at every turn.

Taipei Fun Pass will accompany you as you explore these places where old and new meet, innovation and tradition stand side by side, and natural greenery and modern city coexist in harmony.

※The E-tickets sold from Taipei Fun Pass are provided performance guarantee to the gift certificate for 18 months from the date of sale by CTBC. The obligation of CTBC under the guarantee will be automatically discharged by the end of the guarantee period.