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Taipei Pop Music Cultural Center|MUSIC, ISLAND, STORIES: Pop Music in Taiwan (Discounted Ticket)


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The Taipei Pop Music Center has spent four years preparing for the "Sing Our Song: Pop Music Story Exhibition," a permanent exhibition that brings together 1,326 exhibits and 111 popular songs to create 12 exhibition zones.

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June Concert Exhibition Area Schedule

| MUSIC, ISLAND, STORIES: Pop Music in Taiwan

3 floors, 12 exhibition zones, 14 quotes, 111 songs, 1326 exhibits.

Growing with the nourishment of this land, thriving with the freedom of this air.


Connecting the past and future of Taiwanese and Mandarin pop music across generations.

|Our song, Our era


For over a hundred years, this land has been telling stories through songs, sweeping through the Chinese-speaking world and impacting billions of lives. Whether in authoritarian times or in today's open-minded society, these musicians and their songs have transcended generations and space, breaking boundaries and leaving vivid memories in everyone's lives. Whether it's about everyday life or expressing a greater purpose, whether you're a rocker or an idealist, a trendsetter or a dream chaser, there's a song that belongs to each of us, and here you will find your own story.

Let's open our ears and eyes, and together enter the hall of pop music, listening attentively to the songs that belong to this island, embarking on a rich musical journey.


|Prologue: Chords of Memories

Music has always been by our side, with each song bearing witness to turbulent times and shifts in power. In the hearts of every generation, there are songs that belong uniquely to them.


|Taipei Circle

In the early days, folk songs could only be passed down through word of mouth. In the 1930s, with the drop of the needle and the emergence of recorded music, Taiwan had its first own popular song. From the "Gēzǐběn" in the Japanese colonial period to radios, phonographs, and the "Qupán" and cassette tapes in the streets and record stores, Taipei Circle undoubtedly witnessed the early development of popular music in Taiwan and enriched the ears of several generations.



From pocket-sized transistor radios to black-and-white to color televisions, and then portable cassette recorders, not to mention cassette Walkmans, etc. Even the small display window of an electronics store has witnessed the musical era we have experienced.


|Taipei Theater (The Story of Movie Theme Songs)

In 1932, "Tears of Peach Blossom" became one of the earliest popular songs in Taiwan and served as the theme song for the film of the same name. Since then, there has been a deep connection between popular music and the film industry. The heyday of the film industry also marked a prosperous period for the record industry, leaving behind numerous classic works such as "One Red Egg," "Spring Breeze," and "Harbor Night Rain," which have become widely known songs.



With the development of modernization and urbanization, trains carry wanderers from their hometowns to distant places in pursuit of their dreams. These trains bear the weight of dreams and the melancholy of leaving home. The rhythm of songs accompanies this island's transition from an agricultural society to an industrialized one, and now to a predominantly service-based modern society.


|Singing Your Own Song (Folk Song Era)

There was a time when young people relied on a guitar, a songbook, and a portable cassette recorder to record their demos and sing their own songs. These songs were filled with artistic sentiments, often combining poetry and music, adding a deeper literary dimension to popular music. They laid a solid foundation for the development of popular music in the future.


|The young people's inner world

 The political and social atmosphere in Taiwan gradually loosened in the 1980s, giving birth to many songs with attitude. These songs resonated with the frustrations and anxieties of successive generations of young people, while also singing about their dreams and innocence. Every word and phrase revealed their youthful passion. 


|Music Love Story

In life, there is always a song that sings about the joy, sorrow, hesitation, confusion, and all the unknown emotions you experience while in love. When the familiar melody plays, who comes to your mind? Is it your beloved or your former self?


|The Birth of a Record

The completion of an album involves various stages and requires the collaboration of professionals in areas such as songwriting, arrangement, recording, vocal harmonies, post-production, visual design, marketing, and promotion. Let's take a look at how an album is produced from start to finish.


|The Charm of Music (The Diversity and Inclusiveness of Taiwanese Music)

Taiwan, as a land, encompasses a rich and diverse culture. In addition to featuring songs in languages such as Taiwanese, Hakka, indigenous languages, and those of new residents, Taiwan is also regarded as a vital hub for popular Mandarin music by artists from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other regions. Thanks to this inclusive spirit of embracing diverse influences, Taiwan is filled with a wide range of musical genres, including ballads, rock, dance music, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music.


|Live Music Performance

In the 1990s, underground bands performed in rudimentary pubs, and singer-songwriters started performing in live houses. Over time, these music venues, once labeled as "underground" and "marginal," gradually transformed into creative hubs for diverse music cultures. In recent years, various music festivals and music events have attracted tens of thousands of audiences, bringing together like-minded musicians and connecting them. Today, "indie music" has become the "mainstream" in the hearts of young people.



|The Stage of Life (Concert Interactive Area)

The team utilizes a large-scale four-sided projection, combined with meticulously designed stage lighting and lasers, to recreate the breathtaking experience of a live concert using the latest technology. Open your ears and eyes wide and fully enjoy this music feast!

*In the concert experience zone, please take off your shoes and enter wearing socks.

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MUSIC, ISLAND, STORIES: Pop Music in Taiwan

| Admission

  • Upon entering the Taipei Pop Music Center Cultural Hall, please proceed to the ticket validation counter next to the service desk. Present your QR code for scanning, and once it is successfully scanned, your ticket validation process will be complete, allowing you to enter the venue.
  • The ticket includes an audio guide machine. It is recommended to spend approximately 60 minutes visiting the exhibition.

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|Exhibition Information

| Ticket Price Information

  • Adult Ticket: NT$350 - General public
  • Discounted Ticket: NT$320 - Students and residents of Nangang and Neihu districts. Valid identification must be presented at the entrance. Limited to one ticket per person.
  • Senior Citizen Ticket: NT$175 - For individuals aged 65 and above. Valid identification must be presented at the entrance. Limited to one ticket per person.
  • Free Admission: Children under 6 years old: Free admission. Children must be accompanied by a ticket-purchasing parent or guardian. Free admission for one person with disabilities and one accompanying person. Disability identification must be presented at the entrance. Both the person with disabilities and the accompanying person must enter together.
  • Activity Ticket: NT$325 - Available for purchase at the venue with the exhibition ticket from the special exhibition hall on the 2nd floor. Limited to two tickets per person.
  • Group Ticket: NT$315 - For groups of 20 people or more, group ticket reservations should be made at least seven days in advance by calling the designated hotline at 02-27886620#5111. After registering for a visiting time, tickets can be purchased online or at the venue.

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    • Please refrain from making loud noises, playing, eating, smoking, and littering in the exhibition area.

    • Visitors with untidy attire, pets, or carrying long-handled umbrellas will not be allowed entry (except for guide dogs).

    • Photography and video recording are prohibited inside the venue. Taking photos is only allowed for personal use and non-commercial purposes. Please do not use flash, selfie sticks, or tripods. Works marked as prohibited for photography are strictly off-limits.

    • For commercial or special photography and video recording purposes, prior permission must be obtained from the venue.

    • Unless otherwise stated, touching the exhibits is strictly prohibited.

    • Discounted ticket holders, senior citizens, and individuals with free admission qualifications are required to present valid proof. Multiple discounts cannot be used simultaneously.

    • In the event of overcrowding, visitor flow control measures may be implemented. Please follow the instructions of the on-site staff and queue accordingly.

    • Any other ticket-related regulations or disputes arising from this ticket will be handled in accordance with the standardized contract for cultural and art exhibition tickets issued by the Ministry of Culture.

    • The organizer reserves the right to interpret, add, modify, or cancel any of the above provisions. Please refer to the official Taipei Pop Music Center Cultural Hall Facebook pageIGofficial website, and on-site announcements for related regulations.

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