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National Taiwan Museum x Miniatures Museum of Taiwan x Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (3 Museum Combo Ticket)


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The combo ticket includes admissions for National Taiwan Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. The museums are a combination of history, arts, and a whole lot of fun for children. The transportation is convenient as Taipei Metro can reach them all. This is not only a great place to visit for hipsters, but also the best option for families.

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*[Miniatures Museum of Taiwan adjusted business hours]
Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, operating hours will be adjusted to Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 (last entry at 17:00), starting from 7th April 2020 through 30th June 2020.

【National Taiwan Museum Main Hall+ Land Bank Outpost Exhibition Hall】

The National Taiwan Museum, established in 1908, formerly the Taiwan Governor Museum during the Japanese rule, is the oldest museum in Taiwan. The museum focuses on natural history of Taiwan. The old Kangyo Bank Building, formerly the head quarter of Land Bank of Taiwan now serve as an outpost exhibition. In 1991, the museum was classified by the Ministry of the Interior as 3rd Grade Historic Monument, and in 1997, it was re-classified as Taipei City Historic exhibition now focuses on two areas of interest, natural history, and financial history of Taiwan. Monument and since 2005 the museum holds authority over the repairs, maintenance and management of the site. The main exhibition now focuses on two areas of interest, natural history, and financial history of Taiwan.

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is the first theme museum in Asia dedicated to contemporary miniature art. It has a wide variety of miniature fine works such as the Rose Mansion in California, Horse Guards Parade in the UK, Buckingham Palace, Jack and the Beanstalk, and other theme collections. Wandering in the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is like walking into an exotic time and space tunnel.

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei】

The vast exhibition forms in MOCA Taipei includes photography, films, other visual realization works, architectures and visual designs. Exhibitors from across the globe often collaborate on their exhibition to provide the space with exhibits that both honors locality and internationality. Furthermore, MOCA Taipei also hold events for educational promotion such as lectures, art tours, forums and seminars. MOCA Taipei also provide workshops and camps according to different age groups and preferences to create a better environment the creative arts. Next time you are in Taipei, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this charming museum, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of the modern arts

【National Taiwan Museum Main Hall+ Land Bank Outpost Exhibition Hall】

Scan QR Code at ticketing window for entrance.


Ticket counter of Main Hall


Ticket counter of Land Bank Outpost Exhibition Hall


Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

Having the QR code swipe the QR code reader by the staff at the entrance (B1 of the building) to enter.


Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei】
Having the QR code swipe the QR code reader by the ticketing staff at the entrance.

 ※The ticket has a 14-day expiration date. The date is calculated upon its first use at any of the 3 museums (the 14 day period includes the day of first admission). 

※You can go to the Taipei Fun Pass website or its app or send an email to get a refund for unused merchandise.

※The system does not offer alterations of ticket numbers, if number of attendees need to be adjusted, please cancel your current ticket and re-purchase.

※Each product can only be used once. 

※If paper tickets are lost or damaged, we do not re-issue or refund, please purchase a new ticket. 

【National Taiwan Museum Main Hall+ Land Bank Outpost Exhibition Hall】

※Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from 09:30 to 17:00

* Closed on Mondays, Chinese New Years Eve, and Chinese New Years Day. 

* Open on all public holidays. 


※Exhibition Notice:

  • Do not smoke, eat, drink, run, frolic about or any action that is not considered safe within the museum. 
  • Do not carry food, liquids, umbrellas, dangerous or flammable items into the museum. 
  • Please purchase your tickets for entry. For business entries, please enter through the administrative building. 
  • We remain the right to deny entry for those disheveled, or carrying pets (excluding guide dogs).  
  • Do not record exhibit on film. No flash, tripods, selfie sticks are allowed. All photos taken within the museum shall not be used commercially without proper license. 

A lift for the disabled is available at the front entrance.

  • Chinese Museum Tour Guide: 10:30AM, 02:30PM


Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

※Open Hours

  • Tuesdays ~ Sundays 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Ticketing ends at 17:00)
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Reopen from the 1st day of lunar new year (Closed on the lunar new year’s eve and the day before)

※Tour Notices

  • Do not eat and drink in the main exhibition hall, classrooms and ticket booth.
  • Outside food and beverage are not allowed in the gift shop and rest areas.
  • No games or activities are allowed in the museum so as not to affect other visitors. (It is suggested to have games or activities at IT Park behind the main hall if necessary.)
  • Young Children must be accompanied by teachers or parents to enter and leave the exhibition hall whether they have to buy tickets or not. After entering, please do not allow children to run in and out of the exhibition hall. The museum may refuse admission to any child alone. For maintaining the quality of the visit, each parent is limited to enter with only two children under 110 cm. Thank you for your understanding.
  • All the collections are unique. Please do not run around in the exhibition hall or knock on the protective shields, etc. Compensation for any damage caused will be required.
  • Photography is allowed in the museum, but it is forbidden to use flash and tripods or any objects that may affect other visitors. If dissuasion cannot be achieved, the museum may request temporary storage of the object until departure.
  • The museum has the right to refuse admission to any person who has been identified as an impediment to museum management.
  • In order to guarantee the quality of visit for all visitors, the museum will refuse visit for those who do not obey the rules and do not listen to dissuasion. The admission fees will not be refunded. Please obey the visit rules.


Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei】

※Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00-18:00, Latest Entrance by 17:30.
  • Closed on Mondays.

※ Exhibition Notices

  • Please keep your voice down. Please refrain from running, eating, smoking and littering.
  • Please avoid talking on your cellphone within the exhibit.
  • We have the right to refuse entrance if visitors if not tidily dressed. No Pets, with the exception of guide dogs, are allowed.
  • If your personal belonging exceeds the size (21cm*30cm*5cm), please leave it at the bag check. If there’s cash and valuables, we offer handbags for carry within the exhibit, please request by our service desk.
  • Museum is now open to photography. For the quality of the exhibit, avoid flashlight, tri-pods and filming. We apologize in advance as our staff members are not permitted to take photos for visitors. Please respect the intellectual property and copyrighted artworks within the museum, use with care.
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