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Taipei|Yushan Tea - 100-year Taiwan Tea Hand-shaken Bubble Tea Experience


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The first “100-year Taiwan tea hand-shaken bubble tea experience" is now available at the Yushan Tea Yongkang Branch! Let professional instructors guide you through the world of Taiwanese tea, inviting you to taste the finest Taiwan tea, and to experience the taste of different tea varieties through international tasting techniques and brewing methods, and to enjoy the most natural and pure after-taste! The follow-up hand-shaken bubble tea experience course will combine the finest tea leaves with French Normandy fresh cream to enhance the flavor level, aroma and smoothness, so why not become a scientist, mix and match your favorite tea flavors, make your own chemical formula of pearl milk tea, and satisfy your own tricky taste buds!

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100-year Taiwan Tea Factory-Youshan Tea
World-class Taiwan tea x International tasting and brewing experience
Make a cup of Taiwan bubble milk tea with your own hands!

|Yushan Tea, the 100-year Taiwan Tea Factory

Youshan Tea comes from the Mt. Tungting in Luggu, where tea has been made for six generations. With more than 100 years of experience in tea making, the tea is made with natural farming methods, fertilized with the most natural materials, and undergoes 8 tea making procedures to transform Taiwan tea into an international product. In order to let people know more about Taiwan's tea history and culture, Yushan Tea has trained tea culture teachers to teach them about tea utensils, tea leaves, brewing methods and the process of tea tasting, so that the tea drinking culture can be passed on uninterruptedly!

|Debut! The bubble milk tea DIY experience

In addition to the usual tea tasting experience, this year, for the first time, the tour offers a DIY course! A professional teacher will lead you to observe the appearance of tea leaves, learn brewing techniques, and taste different kinds of tea broths to learn more about the history and culture of Taiwan's tea products, and then slowly add fresh milk and fresh cream. With the rich aroma and delicious pearls, a cup of Taiwan’s proud is ready to be enjoyed!

|Enjoy the process of intertwining two teas and mixing your own bubble milk tea!

Do you know what Taiwan tea tastes like before adding fresh milk and pearls? The handmade pearl milk tea of Yushan Tea will be poured into two different tea broths, Tungting Oolong Tea and Sun Moon Lake Assam Black Tea, to introduce you to two kinds of good Taiwan teas at one time and mix your own tea flavor!

  • Premium Tungting Oolong Tea

The premium Tungtung Tea is one of the most famous teas of Yushan! It has been produced in the frozen tundra tea region of Nantou County in central Taiwan for over 100 years.

The tea leaves are picked from mature leaves and fermented sufficiently to give the tea a deep amber color, and smells like steamed rice.

  • Sun Moon Lake Assem Black Tea

Produced in the central Taiwan Sun Moon Lake tea area, the climate and environment are very suitable for the growth of black tea! The Assam black tea has a clear and bright red tea broth, with a mellow and solid flavor, and a hint of fruitiness when you taste it!

  • First, take a small bowl and grind the tea leaves to the smallest state, slowly feel the aroma of the tea leaves during the process!

  • Pour the ground tea powder into the filter paper and use hot water to bring out the full flavor of the tea!

  • Pour out some tea broth to taste and try to adjust the ratio of the two types of tea broth with your taste buds, if it tastes very rich, it means the milk tea will taste great later!

  • Then pour the milk, cream and pearls into a shaker cup, shake for 20 seconds and pour the finished product into the cup, and you have a delicious Taiwanese pearl milk tea!
    (The French Normandy cream is used with a light nutty aroma!)

Each session is limited to 6 participants, first come, first served!

This year, for the first time, Yushan Tea will be offering a tea making course, which will not only allow you to make a unique cup of high quality bubble milk tea, but also to experience the history of Taiwan tea, and to let children and adults enter the world of Taiwan tea and have fun and enjoy the delicious bubble milk tea.

|For more information, please refer to: 遊山茶訪永康店|文青必逛台北伴手禮店!用1盞茶構築生活儀式感


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|Yushan Tea Yongkang Branch

  • Address: No. 9, Lane 6, Yongkang St., Da’an District, Taipei City
  • Tel: (02)2395-2919
  • Business hours: 10:00~20:00 (Closed from the day before Chinese New Year to the 5th day of the holiday)
  • Official website:
  • Verification: Bring the QR Code to the store and have it redeemed by the staff for the course. 

  • Participation is limited to those who have purchased tickets, and those who have not purchased tickets are not allowed to accompany and participate together.
  • Children who are 12 years old or under must be accompanied by their parents. ( Adult and child all need to reserve the activity.)
  • Registration and payment must be completed 2 days prior to the date of registration.
    For example, for the event scheduled on January 3, 2022, registration and payment must be made by 23:59 pm on January 1, 2022 at the latest.
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  • The system does not provide the function to modify the order, if you want to change the quantity, you need to return the ticket and reorder.
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  • In the event of force majeure (including but not limited to typhoon, earthquake, heavy rain and other natural disasters), the organizer may postpone or cancel the event for the safety of the public, and announce and contact in advance, and the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate or change the details of the event.
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