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Tamsui Historical Museum Full-price Ticket


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Tamsui Historical Museum comprises Fort San Domingo and a cluster of surrounding historic buildings. This ticket provides entry to Fort San Domingo, Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence and Huwei Fort.

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The red brick fort stands erect on the hilltop and overlooks the Tamsui River; the roof tiles and corridors create elegant arc-shaped shadows in the sunshine. Together, Fort San Domingo, the Little White House and Hobe Fort reenact the history of this historic town that is well-worth visiting.

Standing in Tamsui over 300 years, Fort San Domingo is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Taiwan and has been listed as a national historic monument. The castle-like main building, the mansion-like consulate and the Qing period South Gate were multifunctional, with military, office and dungeon uses. At the plaza, visitors will be able to take photos with the best view of the Tamsui River and Guanyin Mountain. The spot from which to enjoy the Sunset View from the Beacon Tower, one of Tamsui’s eight iconic views, is located right here.

The Little White House is the Qing era Tamsui Customs Officers' Residence and was built over a hundred years ago; it got the name from its white western architecture exterior. The arranged semicircle archways are a must-see. Under the sunlight, the entire building becomes even more elegant. The simple Spanish archway design, with the orange roof that shines under the blue sky, add an exotic touch, making the Little White House a romantic place.

Positioned in a relatively high location and built from solid materials, majestic Hobe Fort was one of the best military fortresses in the 19th century. It was also one of the important coastal defense facilities during Taiwan’s modernization in the Qing dynasty.



With Taipei Fun Pass | Unlimited Version or Transportation Version, take Bus 857, R26 or 836 at MRT Tamsui station to the above 3 historic sites.

(Source: Partially from NTPC Travel Website)

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※The product must be used by 04/30/2019. 

※This ticket is valid for a one-time visit each to Fort San Domingo, the Little White House and Hobe Fort.

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