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【Foreigner Only】National Palace Museum (Enjoy 10% off at the Gift Shop) × Grand Hotel Taipei Secret Passage Gourmet Combo Ticket


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This package offers a tour of the National Palace Museum and Grand Hotel Taipei's secret passage, with a beef noodle set meal included. Visitors can appreciate ancient artifacts and the historic passage, making for a memorable experience.

  • It can be used immediately after the purchase is completed.

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  • Valid period

    Starting Time ~ 2024/11/28

  • valid period

    Please use the package within a few days after the first use. 14

  • Payment Method

    Credit Card / LINE Pay (Kindly remind that $30 off-line handing fee will be charged if request a refund 60 days after payment!) / 免費預訂

Before purchasing:

  • The Grand Hotel Taipei secret passage tour requires separate reservation! After purchasing the package, please go to to reserve the secret trail tour date.
  • For the Grand Hotel Taipei gourmet package (beef noodle set meal + red bean cake), it is recommended to make a reservation by phone in advance! After purchasing the package, it is recommended to call (02)-2886-8888 # 1241/1242 in advance and specify that you will be using the "beef noodle set meal + red bean cake gourmet package" on the day of dining. 


☑ Discounted ticket to visit the Northern Branch of the National Palace Museum

☑ The Grand Hotel Taipei secret passage tour

☑ The Grand Hotel Taipei gourmet package (beef noodle set meal + red bean cake)

National Palace Museum Northern Branch Admission Ticket

National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum houses an extensive collection of Chinese artifacts and artworks, including bronze vessels, calligraphy and painting, ceramics, rare books, handicrafts, and court treasures. The most popular exhibits include the Jadeite Cabbage and Meat-shaped Stone, along with over ten thousand jade artifacts, lacquerware, glassware, metalware, and writing implements.

For first-time visitors, the must-see exhibits are the above mentioned popular items, and if time permits, they can also visit other exhibits such as coral and agate flower-shaped pots from the Qing Dynasty, Tang Dynasty painted gray pottery figurines of ladies, Northern Song Ru kiln porcelain lotus-shaped bowls, Qing Dynasty Jiaqing mark blue and white enamel painted fish-turning-heart vase, Warring States period turquoise inlaid peacock stone and turquoise ritual vessel, Eastern Han jade Bi Xie, and Song to Yuan dynasty yellow jade ducks. The museum regularly changes its exhibits and offers themed exhibitions to meet visitors' needs to explore the thousands of years of Chinese culture.


This ticket provides admission to all ongoing exhibitions in the North Branch exhibition area 1 (the main building) and to the Zhishan Garden on the same day.

The Grand Hotel Taipei Secret Passage Tour

|The Grand Hotel Taipei

The Grand Hotel Taipei was established in 1952 and is located on the top of Jian Tan Mountain in Taipei City. It is widely known for its magnificent blend of ancient and modern architecture, as well as its status as a classic landmark in Taipei and its involvement in various events in modern Taiwanese history. The hotel is also a top choice for receiving important figures, having hosted 111 heads of state and high-level dignitaries, such as US President Eisenhower, Thai King Bhumibol, South Korean President Park Chung-hee, Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato, and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. When entering the Grand Hotel Taipei, visitors can not only deeply appreciate the beauty of the building, but also experience the pulse of Taiwan's history and legends.

|The Grand Hotel Taipei Western Secret Passage Tour: With professional guided tour, uncover the mysterious veil of the world's longest secret slide.

In this hotel full of historical stories, there is a "secret passage" built for evacuation purposes, but few people have seen its true face despite its over a century of history, adding to its mystery.

Tourists who participate in the guided tour will be led by professional guides and equipped with special walkie-talkies, allowing them to clearly listen to the guide's in-depth explanations and enjoy the most professional and quality tour services.

★ Tour itinerary: Lobby entrance → Plum Blossom Pond → Big Vat Flower → Cultural Corridor → Hundred-Year Golden Dragon → Secret Passage → Goods Cloth Wall → Grand Hotel Taipei Cultural Creative Center

★ Tour times: 10:00, 11:00, 14:30, 15:30 (20 people per tour)

★Before joining the Western Secret Passage tour, please make a reservation for the visit time on the website:

★A valid ID card (ID card, driver's license, health insurance card, passport, or alien permanent residence card) is required to rent the tour machine. The ID card will be returned after returning the tour machine


▲The underground passage, which has always maintained a high level of mystery, is located below the Grand Hotel Taipei and is the only world-class hotel with this design.

There are two tunnels, one on the east and one on the west side. The east exit leads to the Bei'an Park and is 67 meters long, while the west exit leads to the Jiantan Park and is 85 meters long.

▲ After half a century, the Western Secret Passage finally unveils its mystery to the world and allows everyone to witness the "world's longest secret slide" with their own eyes!

The secret passage is hidden on the basement level two, and upon pushing open the metal gate, the complete passage is displayed before your eyes. With the professional guide's explanation, let's delve into the current of historical stories together!

▲ In addition to the secret passage, the Grand Hotel Taipei is also home to unique and breathtaking views. In the center of the lobby, there is a plum-blossom-shaped coffered ceiling. In the center of the plum blossom, five golden dragons surround a dragon ball, symbolizing "Five Blessings Coming to the Door". Although there are 23 golden dragons and 16 phoenixes around the coffered ceiling, the number "3" sounds like "ascend," implying a steady rise, while the number "16" accompanied by the big plum blossom means "prosperity all the way".


▲The predecessor of the Grand Hotel Taipei was the Taiwan Shrine, which was built by the Japanese. This century-old golden dragon is a preserved relic from that era. What makes it particularly special is that this dragon has three claws, unlike the four or five-clawed dragons we usually see.

The Grand Hotel Taipei Gourmet Combo Ticket (Beef Noodle Set + Red Bean Cake)

|The Grand Hotel Taipei Beef Noodle Set|The Grand Hotel Taipei Red Bean Cake

The secret recipe of "The Grand Hotel Taipei Beef Noodle" has been passed down from generation to generation by the chefs of the Grand Hotel Taipei, and it still retains its elegance despite the evolution of time. Chef Wang Quanyi of the Yuan Yuan Restaurant said that the dish uses high-quality American beef ribs, which are scalded in Sichuan style, then mixed with a variety of spices such as rice wine, star anise, and cinnamon, and stir-fried over low heat until the aroma is released. Then, soy sauce and rock sugar are added and stewed for 2 hours, followed by another hour of simmering. The soup is cooked by the first royal chef who has been boiling soup for 40 years at the hotel, using a large amount of beef bones, garlic, old ginger, spicy bean paste, diced tomatoes, and a whole old mother chicken to simmer for 6 hours. The soup is not only rich and creamy, but also has a strong aroma and rich layers of flavor. Paired with handmade noodles and special pickled vegetables, it creates a classic braised flavor of "The Grand Hotel Taipei Beef Noodle".

|The Grand Hotel Taipei Beef Noodle Set|The Grand Hotel Taipei Red Bean Cake

The most famous dessert of the Grand Hotel Taipei is the red bean mochi cake, which was passed down as a private delicacy by Madame Chiang Kai-shek (Soong Mei-ling) herself. With a glutinous rice outer layer and red bean filling, it is soft and delicate, sweet but not cloying. One bite of this delicacy leaves a lingering fragrance in the mouth, while a sip of fragrant tea enhances its sweetness. It is the most well-known pastry of the Grand Hotel Taipei, suitable for gifting during holidays, personal enjoyment, and for sharing with friends and family.

How to use electronic tickets:

1. This is an electronic ticket (QR Code) and a physical ticket will not be sent separately.

2. After completing the payment, please check your email to receive the "payment successful notification" email. You can use the QR code attached in the email for verification, or you can go to the website's "Member Center" → "My Orders" → "Paid" page → click "View" to access the QR Code for verification.

3. Please present the electronic certificate (QR Code) to the verification counter at the attraction and have it verified by the staff before entering.

National Palace Museum Northern Branch Admission Ticket

  1. Please go to the left side of the entrance and have the staff scan the QR CODE for admission.

    This admission ticket allows you to visit all current exhibitions in Exhibition Area One (Main Building) of the Northern Branch, as well as the Zhishan Garden on the same day. 

    ★ Vitisors who present the physical card or e-ticket (QR Code) of the "Beitou and Shilin Fun Pass" can enjoy a 10% discount (except for some products) when shopping at the gift shops of either the Northern or Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. 

The Grand Hotel Taipei Secret Passage Tour

|The Grand Hotel Taipei
|Western Secret Passage Tour

   ▼Information counter (on the right-hand side of the hotel entrance)

Grand Hotel Taipei Secret Passage Gourmet Combo Ticket (beef noodle set meal + red bean cake)

  1. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance by phone and indicate that you will be using the "Beef Noodle Set Meal + Red Bean Cake Gourmet Combo Ticket" on the day of dining.
  2. After dining at the Yuan Yuan Restaurant on the 1st floor, present the QR Code during payment and have it scanned by the staff.
  3. Tel: (02)-2886-8888 #1241/1242
  4. Grand Hotel Taipei floor plan:

Notes for System Orders:

  • Within one hour of placing an order, payment must be completed. The system will automatically cancel orders that exceed the payment deadline.
  • The system does not provide the option to modify orders. If you need to change the number of people, please request a refund and place a new order.

  • Products cannot be refunded after they have been redeemed.

  • If you have an unused product and wish to request a refund, please go to [Member Center]->[Paid]->[I want a refund] to apply for a refund. Refund requests will not be accepted after the deadline.

  • If you have any issues with the system or your order, please contact customer service at 03-5910052 during customer service hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00.


  • No returns or refunds will be accepted for any redeemed products or gifts in the package.
  • Please be sure to check the business hours of the redemption location. If you are unable to redeem during the specified hours, please redeem during other normal business hours within the valid period.

  • The package has a validity period of 14 days, which means it must be fully redeemed within 14 days (including the first day of use) after any product is used. For example, if the first product is used on January 1, 2023, the latest expiration date for all products will be January 14, 2023.

National Palace Museum Northern Branch Discounted Admission Ticket

  • Business hours: Please refer to the official website for the latest information:
  • Free admission dates: January 1 (New Year's Day), Lantern Festival, May 18 (International Museum Day), September 27 (World Tourism Day), October 10 (National Day), October 17 (Taiwan Culture Day).
  • This ticket is for adult admission only. Please purchase other types of tickets on-site.

The Grand Hotel Taipei Western Secret Passage Tour

  • Tour time: 10:00, 11:00, 14:30, 15:30 (Each tour has a limit of 20 people.)
  • This ticket is for adult admission only. Please purchase other types of tickets on-site.
  • Introduction to the Grand Hotel Taipei's Secret Passages Tour:
  • Reservation rules: 
    • Guided tours can only be reserved online within 90 days from the current date. Online reservation link:
    • After making an online reservation, please confirm via SMS or email. If you do not receive a notification, please call 02-2886-1818 ext. 1810 or 1818 for inquiries.
    • Please check-in and purchase tickets 10 minutes before the scheduled tour. Latecomers will not be accommodated, and rescheduling or make-up tours are not available.
  • Notes for the Secret Passage Experience:
    • Guests who have heart disease, pregnant women, elderly, claustrophobia, mobility impairment, or any discomfort, please do not experience the secret passage journey.
    • To maintain the historical style of the secret passage, guests are not allowed to ride the slide, run or damage facilities, etc.
    • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult and please pay attention to their safety at all times. (For safety reasons, each child under 12 years old must be accompanied by one parent)
    • Please follow the safety requirements of the hotel staff during the secret passage experience to ensure your own safety and the safety of other guests. (Adjustments may be made according to the pandemic situation, please confirm the relevant information on Facebook before departure)
    • Experience time: About 40-50 minutes. For inquiries, please call 02-2886-1818 ext. 1810, 1818.
  • If the following situations and dates occur, the guided tour service will be temporarily suspended once:
    • If the government announces the suspension of work or classes.
    • The guided tour service will be suspended on traditional holidays such as Lunar New Year's Eve and the day before.
  • In case of force majeure factors (including but not limited to typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rain, etc.), considering the safety of the public, the organizer may postpone or cancel the activity and provide advance notice and contact. If there are any unfinished matters, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the details of the activity content.

The Grand Hotel Taipei Gourmet Combo Ticket (Beef Noodle Set + Red Bean Cake)

  • Reservation: (02)-2886-8888 #1241/1242
  • Please refer to for the business hours of 1F Yuan Yuan Restaurant.

For more information, please refer to

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