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Taipei Zoo Discounted Admission Ticket


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Taipei Zoo is a must-visit destination with rich resources, outdoor and indoor exhibition areas, rare and precious species like the blue-bellied roller and Formosan black bear, as well as popular animals, making it a healing spot for all ages.

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    Starting Time ~ 2025/07/12

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    LINE Pay (Kindly remind that $30 off-line handing fee will be charged if request a refund 60 days after payment!) / 免費預訂 / Credit Card

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|The largest zoo in Taiwan - The Taipei Zoo.

The Taipei Zoo is one of the top ten urban zoos in the world. It is not only the largest zoo in Taiwan but also the largest zoo in Southeast Asia! Come and see the chubby star panda, the adorkable penguin, and the super-popular baby Malayan tapir is definitely worth the price.

| How to use electronic tickets

1. This is an electronic ticket (QR Code) and a physical ticket will not be sent separately.
2. After completing the payment, please check your email to receive the "payment successful notification" email. You can use the QR code attached in the email for verification, or you can go to the website's "Member Center" → "My Orders" → "Paid" page → click "View" to access the QR Code for verification.
3. Present your electronic voucher (QR code) at the attraction's redemption counter, show the QR code to the staff to exchange or scan it at the kiosk .

| Taipei Zoo - Admission Instructions

  • There are two entrances for admission. One is the main entrance, and the other one is the Taipei Zoo South Station Entrance.  

➀ Taipei Zoo main entrance:Please proceed to channels 7, 8, 9 (depending on the actual open channels on-site), and use the automatic ticket-checking machine to scan the QR code electronic ticket for entry.

▲Please align your QR code electronic ticket with the red box.

➁Taipei Zoo South Station Entrance:Proceed to the entrance of the Taipei Zoo's south station, scan the QR code electronic ticket using the automatic ticket-checking machine for entry. 

➥ As the Taipei Zoo's south station only provides a shuttle service to the bird park station for the visitor train and has no pedestrian route, those without a train ticket can pay an additional cash fee of NT$5 per person on-site.

▲Please align your QR code electronic ticket with the red box.

  • The ticket redeemed by scanning QR Code for admission is limited to the same day of admission. No other day admission will be provided.


| Notes for System Orders

  • Within one hour of placing an order, payment must be completed. The system will automatically cancel orders that exceed the payment deadline.
  • The system does not provide the option to modify orders. If you need to change the number of people, please request a refund and place a new order.
  • Products cannot be refunded after they have been redeemed.
  • If you have an unused product and wish to request a refund, please go to [Member Center]->[Paid]->[I want a refund] to apply for a refund. Refund requests will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • If you have any issues with the system or your order, please contact customer service at 03-5910052 during customer service hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00.



  • This product can only be used once.  
  • In the event of force majeure (including but not limited to typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rain, and other natural disasters), the organizer may postpone or cancel the activity in consideration of public safety. The organizer will provide advance notice and contact participants. For any unresolved issues, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the details of the activity.

|Taipei Zoo

The Taipei Zoo is closed on Chinese New Year's Eve and late June. Please check the Taipei Zoo's website for the latest information before taking off.

  • Notes for Taipei Zoo visitors:
    • Smoking is prohibited in the zoo (effective on July 11, 2009, offenders may be fined up to $10,000)
    • No pets or inflatable balloons allowed in the zoo.
    • Bicycles, toddler tricycles, skateboards and inline skates are not allowed to enter the zoo.
    • Crossing the fence to enter the animal display area is prohibited.
    • Entering the operation area and tourist train lane is prohibited.
    • No feeding animals.
    • No eating or drinking in the indoor exhibition hall.
    • No feeding, endangering the rights of animals and obstructing animal conservation.
    • Actions that affect the rights of other visitors and the quality of the zoo are prohibited.
    • The Taipei Zoo is a natural environment that is home to many wild animals and insects. Long-sleeved, long pants and other breathable clothing are recommended.
    • It is recommended that you wear casual shoes that are easy to walk in, and to prevent sunburn and mosquito bites, please bring your own anti-mosquito products.
    • The use of flashing lights is not permitted in the indoor pavilions such as the Giant Panda House (Xinguang Sepcial Exhibit House), the Koala House, the Amphibian Reptile House, and the Education Center.
  • Discounted Ticket Eligibility:
    • Children aged 6-11 (no nationality restrictions)
    • School students must present a valid student ID or ISIC International Student Card (excluding short-term courses such as community colleges, language centers, or credit classes)
    • Holders of Volunteer Service Honor Cards (half price) from Civil Defense, Volunteer Police, Volunteer Traffic Police, Volunteer Firefighters, Neighborhood Watch, Mountain Volunteer Police, Disaster Prevention and Rescue Organizations, and Disaster Prevention and Rescue Volunteer Organizations
    • Others eligible for discounts as announced by the zoo; please refer to on-site announcements for details.

Those who are eligible for the discount, please show your valid identification at the entrance. Without proper documentation, the discount cannot be granted. 

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