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New Taipei | Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience.


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A must-try experience in Taiwan is the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival! You can write your heartfelt wishes with a calligraphy brush on lanterns of different colors, and then personally release the lantern into the sky.

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【A must-try experience in Taiwan】
Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience

Send your hopes for the whole year up into the sky!

|Release the sky lantern with your own hands! Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience

Sky lanterns are a cultural tradition with strong folkloric significance in northern Taiwan. They have also been voted by the Discovery Channel as the "World's Second Largest Festival Celebration." Every year on the evening of the Lantern Festival, tens of thousands of people gather in Pingxi to participate in this grand event. The act of releasing sky lanterns has become a symbol of blessing and is not limited to the Lantern Festival. At any time, you can see numerous sky lanterns adorning the Pingxi sky!

The origin of the Pingxi sky lanterns dates back to the Qing Dynasty when the Pingxi and Shifen areas were troubled by bandits. Due to their location in the mountainous region, the villagers would flee to the mountains to seek safety whenever the bandits arrived. After the bandits left, the people who remained in the village would release sky lanterns at night as a signal to notify the villagers taking shelter in the mountains that it was safe to come down and return home. This became a way to convey their well-being and assure the villagers of their safety.

At the auspicious sky lantern experience, you start by selecting the lantern color that suits you best. The staff will place the lantern on a stand where you can write your wishes and aspirations for the future. During the writing process, you can see the Pingxi Railway passing by in front of you, and as the lantern rises slowly into the sky, you can feel the heartfelt emotions and hopes for your wishes to come true. It's a truly touching experience.

Choose your own sky lantern and write your wishes!

When it's time to release the lantern, the staff will take photos for you to capture the moment.

Every year, tourists from around the world come to experience sky lantern releasing. It's definitely a must-try activity for your Taiwan travel itinerary.

Write your blessings and heartfelt messages on the lantern and have a romantic date.

Watching your handwritten wishes slowly ascend into the sky is like expressing your heartfelt thoughts to the universe.

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|Happy Lantern

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