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As a bridge between astronomy and the public, the Taipei Astronomical Museum leads the visitors to the world of space science.

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The exhibits hall reopened on July 5, 2018 with brand-new exhibitions such as interactive models to introduce astronomy in sequence. There is a space exploration facility for visitors to experience soaring in the sky as well as a 360-degree panoramic “Dome Theater". Moreover, the “3D Theater” provides audience with vivid experience. In addition, the observation room on the 4F is open to the public for visit and observation. It is a modern astronomical museum with leisure, entertainment and education.

The Taipei Astronomical Museum is equipped with a variety of models for easy understanding of development of space exploration through a lively and interesting graphic interpretation and interaction. It introduces knowledge of astronomy in an orderly way and further presents the current research results in Taiwan.

The Exhibits Hall is divided into: The Overture, The Earth, Space Exploration, The Sun, Earth and Moon, The Solar System, Stars, The Milky Way, Kids House, Galaxies, The Universe, The Search for Life, Observations, Astronomy in Taiwan. Let us take an insightful look at the various exhibits to understand the mysteries of the universe, tour around the stars and enjoy the beauty of astronomy.

Address 11160 No.363, Jihe Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
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