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Taipei Zoo is a good place for both children and adults to have relax. Taipei Zoo has a wealth of resources including outdoor and indoor display areas. It has rare precious species such as Blue Pheasant, Sika Deer, Formosan Black Bear, etc. Besides,

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【Taipei Zoo】

Taipei Zoo is one of the top ten city zoos in the world. It can be reached by MRT Wenhu Line. There are more than 400 animal species in the park, the largest zoo in Southeast Asia.

The display areas in the zoo are Formosan Animal Area, Children's Zoo, Insectarium, Education Center, Koala House, Panda House (Xinguang Special Exhibit House), Asian Tropical Rainforest Area, Desert Animal Area, Australian Animal Area, African Animal Area, Bird World, Amphibian and Reptile House, Temperate Zone Animal Area, Penguin House, etc., You will be able to see those animals which are not easily seen in our daily life here. Through professional and detailed guided tour, you will further understand the living environment and habits of animals. It is good for education, conservation research and leisure.

The zoo is an educational museum with life diversity, and it serves multi-purposes. It is a conservation area for wildlife animals as well as a rich and intellectual tourist attraction for the public.

Address 116台灣台北市文山區新光路二段30號
opening time
Remark Park Trail: 9:00 - 17:00 (16:00Last Entry)Animal Area: 9:00 - 16:30
Taipei Zoo is closed on the Lunar New Year's Eve and late June. Please contact us for further information before visit (10 days off from 2020/6/15-24 ).
Please confirm the operation status on the official website before departure. (https://www.zoo.gov.taipei/)