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Come Together FunPASS | Highly Commemorative Transparent Card (Home Delivery)


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This set includes tickets to a total of 9 well-known attractions in Taipei and Taoyuan (choose 1 out of 4 artistic attractions and 1 out of 5 recreational attractions). Additionally, it functions as an EasyCard, valid until 02/29/2024, allowing you to freely enjoy the urban jungle and continue your artistic exploration!

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    Starting Time ~ 2024/02/29 19:00

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    Delivery - Come兔Together好玩卡專用宅配

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    LINE Pay (Kindly remind that $30 off-line handing fee will be charged if request a refund 60 days after payment!) / 免費預訂 / Credit Card

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① Come Together FunPASS

② Art and Cultural Attractions (Choose 1 out of 4)

Taipei Music Center - Cultural Cube, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, National Taiwan Museum Railway Departmental Park, Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum

③ Recreational Attractions (Choose 1 out of 5)

Puxin Ranch, Maokong Gondola One-Way Ticket, National Taiwan Science Education Center Permanent Exhibition, Taipei Astronomy Museum + Cosmic Adventure Car, Taipei Zoo


︱Top 5 Must-Buy Reasons

  1.  Possessing high commemorative value, practicality, and convenience, it carries Taipei's festive events during the most chill season. Roaming through renowned attractions in Taipei and Taoyuan, it invites you to have fun in the urban jungle, ensuring your artistic exploration is far from complete!

  2.  We fulfill collectors' wishes! The card's matte transparent treatment is rare, and paired with adorable rabbit illustration elements, it's truly one-of-a-kind.

  3. The Come Together FunPASS includes tickets to 9 well-known attractions in Taipei and Taoyuan (choose 1 out of 4 artistic attractions and 1 out of 5 recreational attractions), allowing you to choose 2 attractions to visit.

  4. Both cards also function as EasyCards. After loading value, they can be used for public transportation such as Taipei Metro, Taiwan Railway Pingxi/Shen'ao Line, city buses, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, and more. They can also be used for payments at convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, etc.

  5. Limited-time, limited-quantity exclusive sale - won't be restocked once sold out!


︱Tickets to 9 renowned attractions in Taipei and Taoyuan (choose 1 out of 4 artistic attractions and 1 out of 5 recreational attractions), allowing you to select 2 admission experiences! (Tickets valued at up to NT$650)

Curated selection of 9 renowned attractions in Taipei and Taoyuan, offering a choice of 2 out of "4 Artistic Attractions" and "5 Recreational Attractions." With the card, you can instantly access the attractions, saving you the time of waiting in ticket lines and creating more wonderful travel memories!

Art and Cultural Attractions (Choose 1 out of 4)

① Taipei Music Center - Cultural Cube: "Sing Our Song - Exhibition of Pop Music Stories" featuring 12 major zones to explore the landscape of Taiwan's pop music era!


② Taipei Fine Arts Museum: Contemporary art pieces employ new media and forms, delivering a visually stunning experience that is both intimately connected to life and transcends reality, offering novelty and powerful visual impact.

▲Image on the right - Image source: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City

③ National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Park: Apart from preserving the railway memories from the Japanese colonial era and the period of the Nationalist government's relocation to Taiwan, there are also remnants of tracks left behind by the machinery bureau during the Qing Dynasty, making it akin to a condensed time capsule spanning three historical periods.

④ Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum: The most beautiful tea garden cultural complex in Taiwan, centered around an immersive tea garden experience. It combines distinctive exhibitions, Eastern and Western cuisine, a fashionable tea lounge, and in-depth tours. [Special Exhibition Zone] 2022/12/10-2023/10/31 "Gold Leaf" (Exhibitions change periodically, for the latest exhibition information, please refer to official announcements.)

Recreational Attractions (Choose 1 out of 5)

① Puxin Ranch: When you visit Puxin Ranch, don't miss out on the adorable "Meng Meng Village," where you'll find the most enchanting "super cute villagers" in Taiwan, such as sika deer, alpacas, raccoons, Taiwan's only red kangaroo, and the cutest capybaras. You can get up close and interact with them. Under the guidance of the capybara village leader, these adorable villagers will surely melt visitors' hearts with cuteness overload!


② Maokong Gondola One-Way Ticket: Along the route, passengers can enjoy pleasant scenery, offering views of Taipei 101 and a 360-degree panorama of the city skyline. This experience lets you immerse in an atmosphere of misty mountains. If you choose to ride in the crystal cabin with a transparent floor, known as the "Maokong's Eye," you can also look down at the greenery beneath, providing an exhilarating sensation of soaring through the heights.

③ Permanent Exhibition at the National Taiwan Science Education Center: The National Taiwan Science Education Center is a venue equipped with diverse science exhibitions and numerous educational activities. The permanent exhibition area covers rich content in life sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and earth sciences.

④ Taipei Astronomy Museum + Cosmic Adventure Car: Embark on a journey of "Cosmic Adventure," where you'll ride in enclosed cabins at a low speed, traversing as if piloting a spacecraft through the celestial expanse. This experience will provide you with panoramic views of the solar system, exploration of alien worlds, and an immersive encounter with the grand and boundless universe.

⑤ The Taipei Zoo: The Taipei Zoo is one of the top ten urban zoos in the world. It is not only the largest zoo in Taiwan but also the largest zoo in Southeast Asia! Come and see the chubby star panda, the adorkable penguin, and the super-popular baby Malayan tapir is definitely worth the price.


︱You can enjoy all the way until February next year! Come to Taipei during the chilliest season to take part in grand celebratory events and join in the festivities with Taipei.

Reference for Taipei Festival Events, fun all year round.

︱ Come Together FunPASS【Instructions】

  • Payment must be completed to consider the order confirmed.

  • Payment must be made within one hour of order placement; orders exceeding the payment deadline will be automatically canceled by the system.

  • The validity of the FunPASS extends until 2024/02/29.(The EasyCard can be reloaded and used independently, without restrictions on the usage period of attractions.)

  • The FunPASS comes with EasyCard functionality; please ensure you top it up before use. For EasyCard-related regulations, please refer to the EasyCard official website:

︱Explanation of Entry Methods for Each Venue

  • Upon arrival at the designated redemption point, have the staff scan your FunPASS. Follow the staff's instructions for entry. For information about the designated redemption points, please refer to: 

★Please make sure to confirm the entry procedures for each attraction, especially for attractions where you need to obtain tickets before entry: Maokong Gondola, Taipei Zoo. This will prevent any inadvertent charges on your topped-up EasyCard.

︱Operating Hours and Contact Information for Each Venue

  • Before heading to the attractions, please make sure to check the actual operating information on the respective venue's Facebook page.

 Before placing an order for the product, please pay attention to:

  1. This is a home delivery product. Please provide complete recipient information (including postal code) when placing your order. In the event of delivery issues, refunds cannot be provided. (Delivery is limited to Taiwan main island.)

  2. Delivery is expected to take around 7 business days after shipping (excluding holidays and national consecutive holidays).

  3. This card is non-personalized. If the card is lost, we regret to inform you that reporting loss and reissuing attraction tickets cannot be processed.

  4. Payment must be completed to consider the order as confirmed. Payment must be made within one hour of order placement; orders exceeding the payment deadline will be automatically canceled by the system.

  5. After the product is sold, no card returns or refunds will be accepted once it has been used or damaged. (Excluding cases where the card cannot be read due to malfunctions, in which case return requests must be submitted before February 29, 2024. Refund requests will be considered only if it is verified that the card cannot be read.)
  6. If the card is damaged due to human actions, we regret to inform you that we cannot provide a replacement service. Replacement service can only be offered for non-human-induced noticeable defects (such as incomplete or misaligned card printing).

  7. The process for card malfunction returns is as follows:


Step 1
【Website】Member Center → My Orders → Request Refund.
【APP】Member Center → My Orders (Paid Orders) → View Details → Request Refund.
【E-mail】Send an email to the customer service mailbox at with the subject "Come Together FunPASS Return Request," and include the order number and the purchaser's name in the content.

Step 2
For FunPASS that are unused, have normal appearance, and are in complete packaging, please send them to 【No. 120, Section 5, Gongdao 2nd Road, East District, Hsinchu City 30072, Taiwan, 5th Floor, No. 1 Customer Service Center】. If the card is damaged or cannot be sent back, a return will not be processed.

  • EasyCard: This special edition EasyCard has limited use for cash top-up only. If a refund is required for the added value, the cash value can be refunded with a handling fee of NT$20. However, the card itself cannot be refunded separately. For other usage or refund-related regulations, please refer to the EasyCard usage instructions accompanying the card or visit the EasyCard official website:
  • Taipei Astronomical Museum - Cosmic Adventure Car: 
    • According to the Children and Youth Welfare Act, children under 6 years old must be accompanied by a person over 12 years old when using this facility.
    • Cosmic Adventure Car: This facility is an enclosed space. Visitors with conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, claustrophobia, epilepsy, susceptibility to dizziness and vomiting, or physical discomfort, etc., are advised not to ride.
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