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National Palace Museum (Enjoy 10% discount at the gift shop) + Yehliu Geopark e-ticket.


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The National Palace Museum, one of the world's most important museums, is not only the largest museum in Taiwan but also unparalleled in the history of world civilization. Yehliu is a masterpiece of nature, and its attractions such as Queen's Head,

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Recommended Must-Visit One-Day Trip in Northern Taiwan!

Combo Ticket for National Palace Museum and Yehliu Geopark

Experience both major attractions in one go!

|A must-visit in a lifetime! National Palace Museum.

The National Palace Museum houses a collection of exquisite Chinese cultural artifacts throughout the ages, including bronze artifacts, paintings, ceramics, books and documents, handicrafts, and court-related artifacts. Notable bronze artifacts include Mao Gongding, San Shi Pan, and Zong Zhou Zhong. The three famous paintings are Guo Xi's "Early Spring," Fan Kuan's "Travelers among Mountains and Streams," and Su Shi's "Cold Food Observance." Renowned books and documents include the Siku Quanshu (Complete Library in Four Branches) from the Wenyuan Chamber and the Siku Quanshu Huaiyao (Essentials of the Complete Library in Four Branches) from the Chi Zao Tang. The museum's specialty lies in its handicrafts, with must-see star exhibits like the Jadeite Cabbage and the Meat-shaped Stone. There are also over ten thousand pieces of jade, as well as lacquerware, glassware, gold and silverware, and calligraphy and painting materials.

For first-time visitors, the popular exhibits mentioned above are recommended. If time allows, you can also explore other highlights such as the Qing Coral "Kui Xing Pointing at the Dipper" Bonsai, Tang Polychrome Pottery Figure of a Lady, Northern Song Ru Ware Celadon Lotus Bowl, Qing Qianlong Mark and Period Celadon Ground Famille-Rose Vase with Fish and Lotus Design, Warring States Period Inlaid Turquoise Peacock Stone and Green Turquoise Sacrificial Vessel, Eastern Han Jade Pi Xie, Song to Yuan Dynasty Yellow Jade Duck, and more. The museum regularly rotates its exhibits and hosts special exhibitions based on different themes, catering to the exploration of Chinese culture spanning thousands of years.

※ This product is a regular admission ticket to the National Palace Museum, allowing access to both the main building and the Zhishan Garden.



|The Queen's Head at the North Coast, Yehliu Geopark.


The admired "Queen's Head" is a must for everyone to take a photo with!

The image of the "Playful Princess" is like that of a noble princess with a cute hairstyle, and her face is more rounded compared to the Queen's Head!

"Candlestick Rock" resembles a series of large candlesticks when viewed from a distance!

| How to use electronic tickets:

1. This is an electronic ticket (QR Code) and a physical ticket will not be sent separately.
2. After completing the payment, please check your email to receive the "payment successful notification" email. You can use the QR code attached in the email for verification, or you can go to the website's "Member Center" → "My Orders" → "Paid" page → click "View" to access the QR Code for verification.
3. Present your electronic voucher (QR code) at the ticket verification counter of the attraction, and the staff will verify it before allowing entry.


General Admission Ticket for the National Palace Museum:

  • Payment must be completed to finalize the order. Payment must be made within one hour of placing the order, otherwise the system will automatically cancel the order.
  • Entry instructions for each venue: Please scan the QR code at the entrance for entry.
  • Presenting the "Fun Card for Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung" physical card or electronic ticket (QR code) entitles you to a 10% discount on purchases at the gift shops of the National Palace Museum's northern or southern branches (some items excluded).

Yehliu Geopark:

  • Opening hours: Daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Please have the QR code scanned by the staff at the entrance for entry.

  • The system does not provide a function to modify orders. If you wish to change the quantity, you will need to request a refund and place a new order.
  • Once a product has been redeemed, refunds or returns are not accepted.
  • Except for cases specified in the "Regulations for Natural Disasters Suspending Office and School Operations," decisions made by county and city governments to suspend announcements or classes, or when the operating management unit deems it necessary to fully or partially close the park due to factors that may affect visitor safety, the organizer may postpone or cancel the activity and will provide advance notice and contact. The organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the details of the activity. Please confirm with the official website of the cooperating vendors before departure.
  • If you have any system or order-related issues, please contact customer service during the following hours: Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays) from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (with a one-hour lunch break), at 03-5910052.

National Palace Museum General Admission Ticket:

  • The museum offers free admission on the following dates: January 1st (New Year's Day), Lantern Festival, May 18th (International Museum Day), September 27th (World Tourism Day), and October 10th (National Day). Admission is free on these dates.

Yehliu Geopark:

  • The park is open year-round from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, it is subject to closure in accordance with the "Regulations for Natural Disasters Suspending Office and School Operations" as determined by the New Taipei City Government or based on the actual conditions of the park as assessed by the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration or the operating management unit, especially if there are factors that may affect visitor safety, in which case partial or full closure may be implemented.
  • Please check the official website before your departure.

  • Each item is limited to one use.
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